Using Tag Filtering to Analyze Clean Cooking Policies 9 Likes

By Charles Heaps on 8/8/2018

Imagine you want to calculate the number of households using clean cook stoves in your scenarios.

To do so, tag each relevant household cooking technology with the word "clean" using the tag toolbar under the tee in Analysis View (e.g. devices using electricity, natural gas, LPG, clean burning wood stoves, etc.). See screenshot as an example.

Next, create an Indicator variable with an expression similar to this: Demand\Households:Total Activity[Household, Tag=clean]. This assumes you are doing an activity level-based calculation with energy intensities specified per household at the device level. The variable "Total Activity" calculates the number of households using each technology.

The result of this expression can be viewed for each scenario, showing you the penetration of clean cooking technologies in the household sector (see other screenshot). The sample LEAP area "Clean Cooking Example.leap" demonstrates this technique and is available via the menu option Area: Install: Install from Internet from within the new version of LEAP.


1. If you don't see the Tag toolbar in Analysis View, switch it on using menu option Tags: Tag Toolbar.
2. If you don't see the high level Indicators tree branch, enable it via the General: Basic Parameters: Scope & Scale screen.
3. Make sure you are using LEAP v2018.1.16 or later for this example, It won't work in earlier versions!